Big Data is everywhere. Master it.
Online Master’s in Predictive Analytics student typing on her computer
Big Data is everywhere. Master it.

Earn Your Online Master’s in Predictive Analytics

Why Predictive Analytics?

Ever wish you could predict the future? So do companies big and small. That’s why they turn to predictive analytics to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. Predictive analytics professionals apply a variety of techniques like data mining, predictive modeling, deep learning algorithms, machine learning, and even artificial intelligence to sets of data to, quite literally, predict trends and behavior patterns.

Predictive analytics proves to be a growing area of significance for businesses around the world. Unlike business analytics, which focuses on past performance patterns, predictive analytics uses data big or small to anticipate—and plan for—the future.

The Degree You Need to Lead the Charge

The need for talented analytics professionals is bigger than ever. Whether you’re dabbling in data or an expert in the making, a Master’s Degree in Predictive Analytics from Moravian Graduate Online is your chance to be part of something big and stand out from the crowd.

The demand for employees with big data expertise has increased by over 85% in just four years, but companies are looking for so much more than number crunchers—they need leaders, strategic thinkers, and well-rounded analysts. They’re looking for data analysts who can spot trends and turn them into plans.

Sound like you? Earning a Master’s in Predictive Analytics can prepare you even further for the following opportunities:

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Customer Insight Analyst
  • Big Data Developers
  • Head of Data Science
  • Analyst Roles (Data, Management, Marketing Research, Operation Research)
  • Statistician
  • Logistician
  • Business Operations Specialist

Join the fast-growing field that’s powering our future.

Moravian Graduate Online programs feature a unique combination of real-world course content, leadership development, and team-based learning experiences to prepare you for whatever your next challenge may be. You’ll go beyond technical abilities with critical thinking, leadership training, and communication across all programs—because we don’t believe learning happens in a silo. We prepare students to successfully advance their careers by providing personalized student support, a curriculum informed by real industries, and one-on-one career guidance.

Leadership & Communication Focus

Develop your ability to lead people and drive informed decision-making.

Actionable Learning

Apply new skills immediately to your current and future careers.


Learn how to use your degree to build the career you want.

Meet Your Student Experience Mentor

Diagram of how a Student Experience Mentor works with students at Moravian

Your SEM is your one stop shop for everything you need. Financial aid, admissions, student support, you name it. Your SEM will be with you right from the start and help you pave the way to graduation.


Leadership & Communication Focus

Leadership development and communication is a central focus for all Moravian Graduate Online business programs. We’re committed to grooming leaders who are skilled at developing individuals and managing conflict. Once you’ve completed your analysis work, we want to be sure you know how to use your strong communication skills to present your findings and drive informed decision-making.

Our approach to leadership development is focused on the critical competencies that contribute to the ability to lead people. You’ll gain:

  • Problem ­solving skills
  • Global and cultural awareness
  • Ethical decision making abilities
  • Management skills
  • Critical Leadership Competencies

I have learned so much about myself as a leader. Recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, and reflecting on what I have done in the past to improve what I will do in the future, is an extremely valuable tool to use throughout my career.

Carly Thorpe, Master of Predictive Analytics Student

Actionable Learning

Moravian Graduate Online students gain critical technical skills for succeeding in today's data intensive world based on the most common systems and technologies you’ll see on the job. With a curriculum based on real-world connections, you can immediately apply the skills acquired in a Moravian Online business program to your current and future careers. You’ll progress through a curriculum that includes:

  • Linear modeling
  • Database systems
  • Analytics software, including Excel, SPSS and R
  • Capstone Project, solving a real business’s current challenges


Business Research Methods
Developing Leadership Competencies
Leading People in Organizations
Big Data Management
Big Data Analytics
Regression, Factorial, and Categorical Analysis
General Linear Models
Advanced Modeling Techniques
Marketing Analytics
Decision Analysis
Project Management and Planning

Each course I have taken in the Moravian College MSPA program has included some aspect of practical application of my own work. The opportunity to develop, implement and complete a project for my employer as part of a course was not only valuable inside the classroom, but also gave me recognition in my career.

Edward Flaherty, Master of Predictive Analytics Student


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360° Approach

We don’t just want to teach you the skills to succeed—we want to help you put your skills to the test in the position you’ve been dreaming of. When you join the Moravian Graduate Online family, you partner with a student experience mentor (SEM) dedicated to helping you succeed in the program and in your career.

We see career advancement as an equal pillar of your education, and we’re committed to going the extra mile by teaching you how to use your degree to build the life you deserve. You’ll have access to:

  • Career coaching and reflection
  • Interview help/prep, including how to showcase Capstone Project and build your portfolio
  • Resume help
  • Access to career fairs
  • On-campus network opportunities

Getting a graduate degree will change your life.

It's not just about moving up the ladder. At Moravian College, you'll challenge yourself to upend the status quo. Learn how to build a brand from Disney Executives. Get hands-on athletic training experience to keep people moving. Elevate your classroom by conducting education research in the real world.

More than 25 graduate and certificate programs means plenty of opportunities to revolutionize your career—and your life.


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Our business competencies are in place to ensure you are efficient, effective, and competent in the baseline knowledge needed to be as successful as you can be in reaching your goals in our MSPA program!

  • 1. ECON 152 - Principles of Economics (macro and micro), or equivalent
  • 2. MGMT 216 - Information Systems for Management, or equivalent
  • 3. MGMT 251 - Principles of Marketing, or equivalent
  • 4. ECON 156 - Economics and Business Statistics, or equivalent

*Prerequisites must be completed prior to starting the program. These can be completed through our Academic Leveling Courses or ALC’s. ALC’s are $44 and consist of a 20 question pre-test, as much content learning as needed, followed by a 20 question post-test. Students have two chances to earn an 80% or higher on the post-test to fulfill the prerequisite.

Program Requirements

The online MSPA program accepts applications on a rolling basis. Classes begin in three different cohorts. All candidates must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. In consideration, each should submit the following:

  • Graduate Business Application
    • The application deadline will be 2 weeks prior to each cohort start date.
    • Acceptance is based on an overall GPA of 3.33 or higher OR 2 plus years of professional working experience.
  • Official Transcripts from all institutions previously attended
  • A professional resume
  • Personal statement to the Admissions Committee
  • Official GMAT scores (GMAT waiver option available for prospective graduate students that earned at least a 3.33 GPA for their undergraduate degree or have 2+ years of professional experience)
  • Two recommendations
  • An interview

Instant Decision Day

Change the course of your career in one day

Get an instant decision on your Online Master’s in Predictive Analytics application

What: When you participate in our Instant Decision Day, you’ll apply and get your admissions decision on the same day. That means no more “Did I get in?” questions looming over your head. You get to focus on what really matters, like deciding if our Online MSPA program is right you.
When: Monday, April 29th
Where: Online Zoom meeting
Who: You and our admissions committee
How: Here’s how you can get your instant decision:

  1. Schedule an appointment here.
  2. Complete an online application.
  3. Submit a current resume.
  4. Write a 300 word personal statement detailing your motivation to earn a Masters.
  5. Secure 2 letters of recommendation from a colleague, supervisor or past instructor.
  6. Get unofficial transcripts from any college or university you attended.
  7. Meet for 15 minutes with our acceptance committee in a professional Zoom meeting.

These application materials must be emailed to Sean Rossi (, Student Experience Mentor, by Noon on Sunday, April 28th.
Make sure to schedule your meeting before all times are taken!

Application Deadlines

Program Start Date

Application Deadlines

August April 30th 2019 and June 30th 2019